October 15th, 2010

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Day 19 as Nursing Student


0739 - Left home
0837 - Arrived at school; enjoyed the weather outside in the umbrella-ed patio area before going to class
0900 - Concepts class: Lecture was over bowel and urinary elimination and activities of daily living. In other words, these are some of the very basic needs we should keep in mind when taking care of patients (other than food, water, medications, etc.).
1145 - Lunch with friends and classmates; studied for quiz for Assessment class
1345 - Headed over to Assessment class
1400 - Assessment: Yep, a quiz! Then lecture was over heart/neck vessels and the peripheral vascular system and lymphatic system
1619 - Class over; went to computer lab
1645 - Left school
1725 - Arrived at K-- Hospital to obtain patient information for my nursing care plan write-up
2035 - Finally left hospital

Been a long and exhausting day!
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Day 20 as Nursing Student


0536 - Left home
0625 - Arrived at K-- Hospital; busy day taking care of my patient!
1235 - Post-conference
1342 - Left hospital
1415 - Arrived at school; lunch
1505 - Computer lab
1555 - Reviewed pharm exam
1605 - Pharmacology class
1805 - Class over; stayed over to help classmate with nursing care plan
1835 - Sandwich as a snack! It was a really good sandwich too (chicken salad with croissant bread).
1900 - Left school
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Day 20.5 as Nursing Student


1830 - Arrived at F-- sisters' townhouse for study group session; brought spring rolls for P's birthday; chatted (most of the group left around 1930); got some studying done for anti-seizure medications
2100 - Homeward-bound
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Day 21 as Nursing Student


Traffic was somewhat bad today as there were a ton of crazy drivers and people who had no idea where they were going 80% of the time. Scrambled to finish my lab workbook for Assessment lab (still working on it even in lab during our video time). Unfortunately, I missed my retake (around 8ish am as they squeezed me in) for the NG tubing so I know I have to do it tomorrow (Friday) during my original scheduled time. The thing was I had scheduled a month ago that I was to work tomorrow (Friday) so the retake would have conflicted with work, but since it's been a crazy, hectic, exhausting week with logging in so many hours of traffic, driving distance/time, reading, studying, homework, and sleep deprivation, I just went ahead and canceled work for tomorrow. That way, I can retake my NG tubing skill and get that over with.

0905 - Made it to class; watched videos (which I didn't really pay attention to, so I made a note to go watch it sometime soon before exam)
1000 - Break into our clinical groups
1015 - Lecture started; did assessment on partner with heart/neck vessels and peripheral vascular and lymphatic systems; worked on assessment plan
1315 - Lab over; went to car to grab my lunch
1330 - Lunch with friends and classmates in student lounge
1445 - Lunch over; reviewed planner; chatted with friends and classmates
around 1520 - Somehow dozed off on the table...
1545 - Woke up! Felt better.
1555 - Pharmacology tutoring over the endocrine system (drugs!). It was really helpful.
1745 - Tutoring done
1805 - Finally left; went to computer lab
1850 - Left school; homeward-bound

Negative: It was somewhat upsetting that I'd forgotten my shorts. I was in a rush this morning and accidentally took them off (as I was planning to wear them under my scrubs), so I came to lab today without them. The thing is we need to be in our shorts and sports bra or camisole so that way we can practice doing physical assessments on each other... Anyway, these same shorts were to be used today for the gym as well, but since I'd forgotten them, couldn't work out today. It was disappointing to say the least as I wanted to burn away stress (and I also had all of my other gym stuff ready-to-go in my car!!). Grrrrr. Well, maybe next week I can pull together my sanity. I guess it's understandable because this week I've been completely sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, and feeling as if though I'm about to get sick. Here's hoping that I get or find more sleep this weekend...